[Recommended] 1 Person 20 Tables

[Recommended] 1 Person 20 Tables


Can be any business other than a bicycle shop (sales/repair)

1 Person 20 Tables

2 People 38 Tables

3 People 56 Tables

4 People 74 Tables

(Average 5 Columns per table)

Should be normalized to 3rd Normal Form

1 (per person) instance where 1st, 2nd, or 3rd normal form is violated, give a detailed explanation as to why you designed this violation (you can have more than one, but it must be explained)

Create Select/Insert/Update/Delete statements for each table (other than  many-to-many tables)

Create at least 12 business rules, 10 should be built into the design (Per person)

Naming convention – explain the naming convention you used.

Data Dictionary

10 rows of dummy data in each table (where possible)

DDL Scripts for each table, PK, and FK

Using https://app.diagrams.net/ create the ERD using Crow’s Foot Notation (No other Notation will be accepted)

If you are working as a team, make sure it is obvious who created which pieces. Color code the ERD, showing who did what.

One person should submit the project for the team.

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