Principles of Software Engineering 2805ICT…

Principles of Software Engineering 2805ICT Overall Project Description (INDIVIDUAL SUBMISSION) Vladimir Estivill-Castro Larry Wen July 3, 2017 Objectives 1. Explain design principles including of least privilege and fail-safe defaults, separation of concerns, information hiding, coupling and cohesion, and encapsulation. 2. Describe the design process for a software development project for each of the main software design methods 3. Create appropriate system models for the structure and behaviour of software products from their requirements specifications 4. Use a design paradigm to design a simple software system, and explain how system design principles have been applied in this design. 5. Select an appropriate software architecture as the design basis for a given software requirements specification, justify the selection based on its advantages over alternative architectures. 6. Create software programs that make use of appropriate design patterns. 7. Create user interface software using either event driven or callbac

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