Objective: To gain experience preparing an executive summary and to research how virtualization…

Objective: To gain experience preparing an executive summary and to research how virtualization may benefit an organization in terms of their server infrastructure.
Deliverables: An executive summary of your findings with respect to virtualization of a server infrastructure, citing two sources that will substantiate your conclusions. Limit the length of your executive summary to a maximum of 2 pages. (Note that executive summaries do not normally contain cited references, but in this case I want you to include two references that you cited in your summary.)
Description: What you are going to do in this project is pretend that you are the system administrator for an organization that is attempting to determine if virtualization of its server infrastructure would be beneficial to the organization. So you are examining the basic benefits and problems that are related to server virtualization.
This project is the precursor to a more involved project that will be a cost/benefit analysis along the same lines. You’ll tackle this more complicated project after we’ve discussed various aspects of virtualization.
In this project you will do some basic research that would provide a high-level overview of how server virtualization might benefit an organization.
You will prepare an executive summary of your findings as the deliverable for this project.
Normally, an executive summary summarizes a more complete accompanying report. You will not be preparing this more complete report in this project, you will only be preparing the executive summary.
Normally, executive summaries do not include references, but in this case, I want you to cite two references that you used to substantiate the claims that you make in the executive summary.

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