Navix Systems was founded in 2005 as a pioneer in the managed IT services provider (MSP)… 1 answer below »

Navix Systems was founded in 2005 as a pioneer in the managed IT services provider (MSP) industry.
Navix Systems have since evolved into a nationwide master technology services provider (MTSP) that
provides comprehensive technology services to small, mid-sized and enterprise businesses
nationwide. For over 12 years, Navix Systems have successfully managed technology infrastructures
for Melbourne based organizations with nationwide and global presence. Navix Systems proven
management methods use the best of breed, next-generation technology services that maximizes uptime and performance of critical business operations. Navix Systems recognizes new trends and
technologies in the industry to transform business operations from being unreliable and
unpredictable to stable, effective and productive. Through the strategic partner relationships, Navix
Systems provides its clients with access to the best teams of technology providers in Australia. Navix
Systems is the ultimate resource for any business to acquire the technology services they need to
increase profitability and gain a competitive advantage.
Garry Oswald is the CEO of Navix Systems. He created a website for his company several years
ago to provide the managed IT services to his customers across Australia. The website has become
outdated, so Garry would like your teams’ help to enliven it with a new responsive web design.

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