Justify Your study a. Identify a particular disease/condition b. Perform research on the subject… 1 answer below »

1. Justify Your study a. Identify a particular disease/condition b. Perform research on the subject topic, identify project goal and analyses requirements 2. Design your Study a. Design the technical solutions, i.e., step by step protocol for, e.g. search and collecting data (public datasets), analysing and preparing data. b. Choose appropriate NGS algorithms and apply them to your project. 3. Conduct your Experiment: a. Perform RNA-seq expression analysis from your sample b. Perform variant call analysis from the RNA-seq data c. Find significantly expressed genes in the variant population d. For each the expressed gene, quantitate the gene variants that significantly associates with it e. Find the functions and roles of the consistently expressed genes and the quantitative traits f. Analyse the results and interpret the findings 4. Report your work a. Use the following structure to report your work to a publishable standard b. Cover page: state the project title, your name and student ID c. Abstract: summarise the content, outlining why and how you performed the experiment, and a brief summary of the main results and conclusions. d. Introduction: introduce the topic of the investigation and provide necessary background in the context of assessment criteria to justify why the experiment was worth doing. Reference all sources. e. Methods: describe the technical detail of the techniques and procedures you have used, justify the appropriateness of models/ algorithms/ techniques used, and explain the statistical analyses deployed. Reference all cited literature. f. Results: report the findings from the experiments conducted, presents experimental results properly, apply data visualisation skills to generate appropriate tables and figures. Label tables and figures appropriately, cross-reference all tables and figures. g. Discussion: analyse the experimental results, provide critical technical explanations of the results in the context of other published work, identify weaknesses and suggest possible improvement, etc.

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