Grantham British Medical Association & Public Health Medicine Policy HW

InstructionsReview the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.The initial step in completing the social policy analysis is exploring your options and making an informed choice about the policy you will focus on. In this assignment, you will broadly research two different policies in preparation for deciding which one you will select.Research social policy topics. What areas are you interested in?You could focus on federal or state policies you think need to be modified to better serve people, or you could focus on local policies that you would like to change.From your research, select two social policies and write about them. Use these headers to guide you:Introduction: Write a brief introduction and overview of the two policies.Needs: Define or explain the needs and problems each policy claims to address.Values: Identify the values evident in the policy focus and description.Reasons for selections: Why did you choose each policy?Target population: Describe the target population each policy seeks to address and the particular needs of that group.The paper should be a minimum of three pages. Include an additional reference page in APA format.

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