ENG101 BATC Superassassin The View From Culion & Save the I Hotel Discussion

Read “The View From Culion”, “Superassassin” and “Save the I-Hotel”

A) EVERYONE MUST DO THIS: Choose a passage you find significant from any one of the stories, copy it out with page number, and provide a close analysis of the passage. Instruction on Close Analysis

B) CHOOSE 3 OUT OF THESE TO ANSWER (1 for each story) and reply to 2 classmates’ posts. Your posts and replies must be at least 100 words each. You will not be able to see your classmates’ post until you have posted. What is the symbolism/significance of the comic book stories in “Superassassin”? How does the narrator use them and what do they represent to him? At the conclusion of “Superassassin,” the narrator stands on the edge of a building rooftop late in the night, slingshot in hand, and states, “I aim, ready at any moment to let go.” What does he mean by this?In “The View From Culion,” a black curtain separates the narrator, Teresa, and Jack, the AWOL American soldier, from seeing each other. How does this meaning of this curtain evolve over the course of the story? How does it reflect their relationship?Why do you think Teresa tells the Americans about Jack In “The View From Culion”? “Save the I-Hotel” moves back and forth between two storylines. The first takes place in 1977, on the night Fortunado and Vicente face eviction from the International Hotel. The second spans forty years of their friendship, from the 1930’s to the 1970’s. How do these storylines work together? Why do you think the author wrote the story this way? What was he trying to convey? Fortunado and Vicente both love “where they should not” according to society’s rules: how does the story portray their different situations? How are the situation similar? How are they different? What do the actions that the characters take in response to their love reveal about them?

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