DUE ASAP( before midnite)..NO NEEDING A PAPER FORMAT,,,just needng repliesto this 2 discussions belo

DUE ASAP( before midnite)..NO NEEDING A PAPER FORMAT,,,just needng repliesto this 2 discussions below..thanks


post 1:

The General Education Curriculum course is a basic guide to students who enroll in college course work to help guide you through the process of gaining a quality education that provides students with the overall ability of learning how to challenge your mind. It also helps students to learn how to analyze information that is presented before you in order to make needed decisions in issues that are sometimes difficult to resolve. But when making these decisions, one has to be careful of being knowledgeable of the issue so that a wrong decision is not made or you are not bias to one party. Decision-making has become to be an important part of the digital era we live in today and to be able to understand issues and situations, the core of these curriculums are very vital to college students as they enter into diversified career fields that require knowledge of how to handle contemporary issues. One course that is not associated with my college major would be the Matt 121 and 122 courses. I have taken the Matt 121 course and boy was this a stressful course but after repeatedly taking this course over and over, I finally grasp the concept of the course and mastered the course with a B. This course taught me that it is important that you pay close attention to detail but also make sure that understand the concepts of the problem. I learned that these concepts are only expressions of the point the problem was trying to make and I was making it more difficult than should be because I over analyzed the problems too much. This course taught me precise detail and that if you got off track in just one section of the problem, it offset the whole math problem. An important concepts that I have learned here at Ashford as a student is that you have to learn how to communicate with others and be careful not to answer or be offensive to others by making them seem as though you know it all. Learning how to communicate with others has been one of may major strengths here at Ashford because I was the type of person who always assumed I was right no matter what answer you gave. I learned to respect the opinions of others because they have a voice also and not to be so quick to judge a matter without carefully analyzing the issue. I also learned how to use my mind to consider other factors to the issue without being bias. Allowing yourself to critically assess issues helps you to make the best decision to resolve the issue. These are key points in obtaining a successful education through online curriculums. My newly acquired skills through my online courses has helped me tremendously in my professional career that I now reside in because it has taught me how to be more responsive to the needs of those I am servicing. It has helped me to learn to take the time to stop, listen, and pay close attention to those who are standing directly in front of me in order to better serve them. I have also gained knowledge of the importance of eye contact and being very aware of your body posture when you are communicating with others as well as our clients. I plan to continue to use these skills I have learned to continue to be a service to those I am before in order to help the organization to improve as a functioning asset to all of our clients.


post 2:

I believe the most important concepts from this course are critical thinking and moral and ethical reasoning.  I learned a lot about these concepts in previous courses, and expanded on them through this class.  These are extremely valuable lessons both in everyday life and in my chosen field of psychology.  I hope to pursue a career as a child psychologist and the ability to critically assess issues and approach them morally and ethical is of vital concern to me.  It has also helped me throughout all of my classes here at Ashford, helping me to take a better, more well-rounded, and logical approach to many assignments. They are important lessons to apply to everyday life as well.  Critical thinking leads us to better formulate thoughts and actions, as opposed to making rash leaps to opinions on people and issues in the world today.  These are lessons I want to teach my children as they enter adulthood and set out on their own paths in life.

General education courses are important to every student because they give us a solid foundation for all pursuits.  They enable us to become more diverse learners, and provide us with more than just targeted information that may narrow our thinking.  We are better able to converse with people, and better prepared to assess any given situation and issue we face, from political to environmental to social issues.

As I said I plan to use my education to work as a child psychologist, but I would also like to give back to my community by offering services to veterans and military personnel who suffer from PTSD and other emotional and mental health issues.  I am not sure yet if I will take this to a career path or volunteer in this regard, but will involve myself in any capacity I am able.

The knowledge I have gained has already shaped my personal development.  It has given me new skills and knowledge that I pass on to my children and others in my circle, has allowed me to gained confidence in different areas, and has improved my ability to assess the political and environmental issues we face today.  I believe my educational journey has made me a more well-rounded and interesting person, and has encouraged me to become more active and involved. 


===ne feedbck r replis to this 2 posts…thanks..DUE ASAP..thanks.


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