Disaster Recovery in any organization has a paramount importance due to the criticality of the… 1 answer below »

Please start preparing the your project for presentation at residency. The project consists of three parts:
1. a twelve minute powerpoint presentation with at least 12 slides not including a reference list. If you use images, you must provide proper attribution. Be focused and provide something your peers will find useful not what we could find on a Wikipedia page.
2. An annotated reference list of at least five references. Annotations are notes. In this case write two paragraphs about each source. The first is a summary of what the source informs and the second is why it is valuable.
3. A one page single spaced summary of what you learned in this project. it should be written in essay format with no bullet or numbered lists. It must include quotes from your sources which must be surrounded by quotation marks and cited in-line. It must have an informative title which should not be too broad but should focus attention on your topic.
Title: Efficient Disaster Recovery
Disaster Recovery in any organization has a paramount importance due to the criticality of the applications and the required availability to the customers. IT industry has seen many techniques and advancements in the field of disaster recovery. We all know that the computer hardware has also gone through many advancements but they are not 100% resilient to failures. In this project I would like to discuss the evolution and the advancements in the IT industry in the field of Disaster recovery. This paper will also discuss the efficient DR strategies in the latest IT scenarios. In addition, It will go through how DR is handled efficiently using Cloud techniques. And also, the Cost-effective way of doing DR. Referring to some of the white papers where they talk about Effectively Managing DR for an Enterprise.
1. Crocetti, Paul. “IT Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery: Past to Future.” TechTarget, 2018, searchdisasterrecovery.techtarget.com/podcast/IT-business-continuity-and-disaster-recovery-Past-to-future.
The Author talks about the journey of the DR from 1970s till Present. In addition, it also discusses about how choosing the right products will ensure the business continuity.
It is very essential for us to know the history of the techniques used to make sure we can learn from the past and build a highly available IT infrastructure.
2. Disater Recovery Best Practices, Cisco Systems, 2008, www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/collateral/services/high-availability/white_paper_c11-453495.pdf.
In the IT subsystem, disaster recovery is different high availability. Though both concepts are related to business continuity, high availability is about providing undisrupted continuity of operations whereas disaster recovery involves some amount of downtime, typically measured in days. This paper focuses only on disaster recovery.
We can learn the key concepts of DR and know how to efficiently plan DR strategies for an IT organization. We learn many concepts related to DR and the Risks as well.
3. Focus, Micro. “Https://Www.microfocus.com/Media/White-Paper/a_practical_guide_to_cost_effective_disaster_recovery_planning_wp.Pdf.” A Practical Guide to Cost-Effective Disaster Recovery Planning, 2017, www.microfocus.com/media/white-paper/a_practical_guide_to_cost_effective_disaster_recovery_planning_wp.pdf.
Organizations across the globe are finding disaster recovery increasingly important for a number of reasons. With the two traditional approaches to disaster recovery—workload mirroring and removable-media backups, however, they must choose between spending eighty percent of their disaster recovery budgets on only twenty percent of their server workloads (with cost prohibitive mirroring), or using inexpensive removable media backups with much poorer performance.
This paper talks about the key Virtualization concepts involved in DR planning and how this will reduce the costs comparing to a traditional IT infrastructure.

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