Complete the Security Solutions Model module. With Notes . 10-12 slides Scenario: Your boss wants to

Complete the Security Solutions Model module. With Notes. 10-12 slides

Scenario: Your boss wants to know how to detect an intrusion into or an attack on the e-commerce network. Your boss also wants to know what hardware or software should be procured for intrusion detection.

Create and present a 15 – 20 minute power point presentation in describing the hardware and/or software you believe should be considered for implementation.

Include your reasoning for why the described hardware and/or software should be procured and implemented.

Address the following questions raised by your boss:Does a properly installed and maintained firewall provide adequate defense against intrusion?What is an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and do we need one in an e-commerce network?Do we need a group of network personnel to monitor the e-commerce network for intrusions 24/7?Will any of this hardware or software facilitate a real-time response to an intrusion?Posted: 4 years agoDue: 25/02/2016Budget: $20

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