3 Different Case Reports Plagiarism Free APA format 6th ed. Good references More info and a sample c

3 Different Case Reports

Plagiarism Free

APA format 6th ed.

Good references

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Jane is a hacker intent on breaking into the XYZ Corporation. She uses a variety of passive… 1 answer below »

Jane is a hacker intent on breaking into the XYZ Corporation. She uses a variety of passive reconnaissance techniques and gathers extensive information about the company. Jane finds out what model routers are being used from network administrator questions/comments in user groups. She finds a complete list of the IT staff and their phone numbers from a personnel directory on the company website. She also was able to find out what services are running by using a port scan. From this scenario, consider the following questions: 1. What reasonable steps could the company have taken to prevent Jane from finding out about company hardware, like router models? 2. What steps should the company take to prevent or at least reduce the efficacy of port scans?

Develop an electronic work portfolio for yourself, which demonstrates your skills in as many…

Develop an electronic work portfolio for yourself, which demonstrates your skills in as many relevant areas (of your
degree) as possible. The portfolio should contain:
• Homepage that introduces you to possible employers.
• Resume – listing personal details, education, experience (work), qualifications, hobbies, other relevant
information (these could be shown on separate pages if desired)
• Examples of your work/skills in four (4) different areas. Some examples:
o Design examples
o Graphics production and preparation
o Written and spoken communication skills
o The ability to work as part of a team and independently
o Project management
o Skills required by employers in your field of study.
Each skill area should include examples of your work which may be in the form of text, graphics, links to working
projects or screen shots of projects.

Each single computer on a specific computer network should have a unique address; otherwise, it is h


Each single computer on a specific computer network should have a unique address; otherwise, it is hard to know which computer the information goes to. Complete the following:


Illustrate the two types of computer addresses that are used on computer networks (physical hardware address and the logical address).

Explain how they are working.

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Your research should include: An explanation of the various levels of government involved in the…

Your research should include: An explanation of the various levels of government involved in the process. An analysis of the how a House of Representatives tax bill can differ from a Senate bill. An explanation of the role of the general public in the tax legislation process. Your paper must meet the following requirements: Your written paper should be 1-3 pages in length not counting the title and reference pages, which you must include. Use key terms such as LLC and Taxation, for example. Use terms, evidence, and concepts from class readings. You need to cite at least three sources for this assignment. The CSU-Global Library is a great place to find resources. You can also use Google Scholar and www.ssrn.com. Do not use the textbook as a source. Your paper must be formatted according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA. If you need assistance with your writing style, start with the links under the Research Help and Writing Help tabs on the CSU-Global Librarys homepage. Review the grading rubric, which can be accessed from the Module 1 Materials folder, to understand how you will be graded on this assignment.

Identify and discuss the network devices required to achieve the organization requirements…

This assessment is designed to assess your skills in analysing the IT infrastructure hardware, software
and networking requirements for ABC organisation. The organisation must provide IS services to the
staff and customers such as email, webpage, and database. The ABC organisation details as followings:
– Three floors in one building each floor includes 25 computers.
– Main office is located at the ground floor with two computers and a shared printer for the
staff working at main office only.
– Six printers (two each floor) that can be access by all staff.
– ABC website that provides customers with a general information and clients can buy services,
and products.
– All staff have the ABC email account.
– Application software that allows the staff to conduct online meetings and training workshops.
– Share files between the staff.
You have to write a report and answer the followings questions related to ABC organisation:
1. Introduction to introduce the services the organisation provided and report outlines.
2. Identify and discuss the network devices required to achieve the organization requirements
including the day by day activities. Explain the function of each device and identify in which
layer of OSI model it works.
3. Identify and specify the clients and server’s communication software and application software
required to achieve the ABC requirements. Justify your answer.
4. Use the seven layers OSI model to explain with the support of diagram how data are moved
between the layers when an employee at ground floor sent an email to another employee at
level-3 floor. Your diagram must show all the network devices involved in data communication
and types of protocols required.
5. Summary of the report
6. References in Harvard style.

Introduction Commonwealth Transport Services (CTS), a private company, specialises in providing…

Introduction Commonwealth Transport Services (CTS), a private company, specialises in providing transportation services to various events. Recently, it has been sub-contracted by the Commonwealth Games Federation to transport officials during the Commonwealth Games in 2022. The company now realises that it needs a modern computerised system for efficient and reliable management and documentation of its services. CTS has hired you as a database professional to design and develop a database system which can meet CTS’s needs as specified below. Business Rules • CTS owns a fleet of vehicles, which vary from sedans to vans. The table below shows a small sample of CTS's vehicle assets:
• Vehicles require regular maintenance and repair. When a vehicle is maintained or repaired the vehicle's odometer reading, the date when the maintenance or repair is started, the final cost, and a brief description of the action is recorded. CTS also records the nature of the action as Maintenance (M) or Repair (R).
• CTS maintains the list of countries participating in the Games and the major languages spoken in those countries. A country may have several spoken languages. Countries are identified by the ISO3166-1 [1] two-character codes. Similarly, CTS uses ISO639-1 [2] two-character codes for languages. For example, the codes for the country Australia and language English (EN) are AU and EN, respectively.
• Games officials from all participating countries use CTS's services. CTS records the name of the country that an official is representing, the official's Commonwealth ID (8 characters), his/her name, role at the Games (e. g. head-coach, judge, physician etc.) and the official's preferred language. An official may use CTS's services multiple times (even during a single day); the only limiting factor is whether a suitable vehicle is available at the time they wish to travel.
• CTS Vehicles are driven by the company's drivers. The driver's name, licence number (18 characters in length) and the level of clearance granted to the driver are recorded. The clearance levels are digits from 1 to 4 representing the security clearance of the driver (4 is the highest level of clearance).
2814ICT & 7003ICT – Assignment Part 1 Page 3 of 4
• In addition, CTS records (using ISO639-1 language codes) the languages that a driver speaks – some drivers speak several languages. The employee organising a booking will try to match the language of an official with that of the driver.
• Before using a vehicle, it must be booked. This booking will take place via a computer program to be created; you are not concerned with this program. However, the back-end database needs to support such an activity. Transport bookings require the assignment of a suitable driver to a suitable vehicle matching the needs of the official. The intended start date and time and projected end date and time are recorded when a booking is first placed. The pickup location and drop off location are also recorded.
• Locations are specified using its address (street number, street name, suburb, state and post code) and type (Hotel, Airport, and Aquatic Centre, etc.).
• After the completion of a trip, the booking reference number, the actual start date and time and actual end date and time are recorded. CTS also records the start odometer reading and the end odometer reading.
• To assist vehicle assignment, CTS requires that the new system be capable of indicating whether a vehicle is currently available. The vehicles that are out on a trip or out of service due to maintenance or repair should be flagged as not available.
Assessable Tasks a) Group Submission From the CTS’s business requirements specified above, prepare a document according to the followings:
1. Use the supplied template for your Assignment submission. 2. An appropriate title page that includes the signatures of all students in the group and an acknowledgement of all students and staff you have spoken to about the assignment. 3. A table of contents and page numbers. 4. An ERD using Crow’s Foot notation. The diagram should include: a) all entities, attributes, and relationships (including names) ; b) primary keys (underlined) and foreign keys (italic) identified; c) cardinality and modality (optional / mandatory) symbols; and d) assumptions you have made, e.g., how you arrived at the cardinality and/or participation for those not mentioned or clear in the business description, etc. 5. Normalisation of the relations which identifies: a) dependency diagram for each relation b) the level of Normalisation achieved for each relation c) the reasons for any relation that is NOT maintained in 3NF.
6. Relational database schema that translate your ERD and include: a) relation (table) names, b) attribute (column) names and data types (as required by XAMPP or UwAmp),
2814ICT & 7003ICT – Assignment Part 1 Page 4 of 4
c) length of each field & its description (e.g., if it is a primary key, a foreign key referring to another table or format, etc.) d) primary and foreign keys identified;
7. A bibliography, containing all resources used to complete the assignment. If no resources have been used please indicate this appropriately.
b) Individual Presentation / Viva In the week of the submission due date, students in each group will be required to attend the workshop/lab in-person. The tutor will assess each student via a brief presentation / viva.
Assessment Criteria and Marking Overview
Task a: The Group Submission Marks Presentation How clear and well-presented your submission is.
ERD Adherence to the standard of the course, assumptions made, inclusion of correct primary and foreign keys, appropriate entities, relationships, and attributes.
Normalisation Appropriate interpretation of each normal form, arguments for leaving the schema in the normal form you consider optimal.
Conversion of ERD to relational database schema Schema is a correct translation of the ERD submitted with appropriate tables, columns, primary keys, and foreign keys, field type & format, etc.
Sub-total 100 Out of 10% of the total assessment 10
Task b: Individual Presentation / Viva Marks Correct answers to questions related to the assignment / submission.
Sub-total 5 Out of 5% of the total assessment 5
References: [1] Country Codes, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_3166-1. Last accessed on 21 July 2017. [2] Language Codes, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ISO_639-1_codes. Last accessed on 21 July 2017

Design and implement two heuristic algorithms to find a shortest path in a graph…. 1 answer below »

The goal of this assignment is to give students an opportunity to design and implement two heuristic algorithms to find a shortest path in a graph. You need to read the problem description carefully, design algorithms, select appropriate data structures, and write a program to implement the algorithms.
Problem Description
Your program reads two input files – (1) graph_input.txt and (2) direct_distance.txt.
The first input file contains structural information about the input graph. Your program must read the graph input file and store the information in an appropriate data structure. You can use any data structure to store the input graph.
The graph_input.txt file contains a textual representation of a graph. The following example illustrates the input file format.
Consider the following graph. Each node has a name (an uppercase letter in a circle) and each edge is associated with a number. The number associated with an edge, which is called weight of the edge, represents the distance between the two vertices that are connected by the edge. We assume that all distances are positive integers.

1. Amber Turing was hoping for Frothly to be acquired by a potential competitor which fell…

1. Amber Turing was hoping for Frothly to be acquired by a potential competitor which fell through,
but visited their website to find contact information for their executive team. What is the
website domain that she visited?
2. Amber found the executive contact information and sent him an email. What is the CEO's name?
Provide the first and last name.
3. After the initial contact with the CEO, Amber contacted another employee at this competitor.
What is that employee's email address?
4. What is the name of the file attachment that Amber sent to a contact at the competitor?
5. What is Amber's personal email address?
6. What version of TOR did Amber install to obfuscate her web browsing? Answer guidance:
Numeric with one or more delimiter.
7. What is the public IPv4 address of the server running www.brewertalk.com?
8. Provide the IP address of the system used to run a web vulnerability scan against
9. The IP address from Question 8 is also being used by a likely different piece of software to attack
a URI path. What is the URI path?
10. What SQL function is being abused on the URI path from Question 9?
11. What is Frank Ester's password salt value on www.brewertalk.com?
12. What is user btun's password on brewertalk.com?
13. What was the value of the cookie that Kevin Lagerfield's browser transmitted to the malicious
URL as part of a XSS attack?
14. The brewertalk.com web site employed Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) techniques. What was
the value of the anti-CSRF token that was stolen from Kevin Lagerfield's computer and used to
help create an unauthorized admin user on brewertalk.com?
15. What brewertalk.com username was maliciously created by a spear phishing attack?
16. According to Frothly's records, what is the likely MAC address of Mallory's corporate MacBook?
HINT: Her corporate MacBook has the hostname MACLORY-AIR13.
17. What episode of Game of Thrones is Mallory excited to watch?
18. What is Mallory Krauesen's phone number?
19. Enterprise Security contains a threat list notable event for MACLORY-AIR13 and suspect IP
address What is the name of the threat list (i.e. Threat Group) that is triggering the
notable event?
20. Considering the threat list you found in Question 19, and related data, what protocol often used
for file transfer is actually responsible for the generated traffic?

You have been hired to design a computer sys- tem for a small business. Describe how you could use..

You have been hired to design a computer sys- tem for a small business. Describe how you could use environmental design to reduce energy usage and the system’s impact on the environment.