Written Case Analysis 1 (ETHICS)


For this module, you are required to complete a Written Case Analysis of approximately 200 words double space. Please read Thinking Critically About Ethical Issues, Case 5, p. 168. Identify the moral issue(s) and the parties involved, and infer their interests; discuss the case in terms of finding common ground in the diversity of interests you identify.

Resource Portfolio

Please review the work before agreeing to do the assignment.

 Resource PortfolioUnit outcomes addressed in this Assignment: Conduct research using the internet to locate credible sources of information.Prioritize resources based on their relevance to your career.Compile resources in an organized format.

Course outcome(s) addressed in this Assignment:

HS100-3:  Create a portfolio that outlines relevant career resources and support materials for a health science profession.


In Unit 5, you participated in a Discussion where you explored the components of a resources list or an annotated bibliography and its usefulness to you as a student and in your professional career. As you discovered, it is important for all health professionals be able to find, evaluate, use, and cite quality information. Whether you work with documentation in a medical office or teach a wellness workshop, the information you provide should be accurate.

For this Assignment, you will create an organized resource portfolio with a minimum of five resources aligned to your desired profession in health science and then reflect on those resources. These can include brochures, organizations, books, articles, websites, and more. Locating and organizing quality resources are skills you will use throughout your degree program and in your health profession.


Your portfolio should include resources for each of the following areas (1 resource for each):Current issuesProfessional associationEducational resourceProfessional journalAreas of current research

For each resource, provide:An APA formatted reference (do not cut and paste reference directly from the internet or another resource)A paragraph including the following:What is the resource and what type of information/service does it provide?Was the resource easy to find?Do you believe the resource contains accurate information?How do you see this resource useful to a health professional?

Feel free to refer to websites in previous units to help you in your search for useful resources.

You can view some examples here. Be sure to also utilize the resources provided to you on the Reading page for this unit to help you with the structure of this Assignment. You can also use the following template to help you with completing the Assignment.

Submit as an MS Word document to the Dropbox.

Do you want to learn more about how to write an organized resources list or an annotated bibliography or how to use APA format for references? Would you like to see more examples? Check out the following link for additional resources from the KU Writing Center.

Annotated Bibliographies and References in APA Format


   ID: HS100-06-10-AS

Mid-Term Evaluation and Self-Assessment


Prior to your field education experience, you completed an agency learning agreement that outlined potential goals and objectives related to social work practice skills that you sought to acquire during this course.

Like a contract, your agency learning agreement also provided your field instructor a set of criteria that would measure your social work practice skills. For this course, you will undergo a formal evaluation of your social work practice skills.

As you engage in future field education experiences, you will be able to refine and hone the development of those skills.

For this Assignment, review your agency learning agreement and the results of your midterm evaluation. Consider how your field education experience fulfilled the goals and objectives in your agency learning agreement. Reflect on what you would like to gain in future field education experiences.

Note: You should receive your midterm evaluation from your field instructor.

The Assignment (4-5 pages) attached is the learning agreement I completed and the final results of my evaluation:

· Describe whether you met or did not meet the goals/objectives in your agency learning agreement and include the results from your evaluation.

· Compare your learning agreement and your evaluation to critically consider how the two are compatible and how you may approach completing the learning agreement differently next term.

· Describe the social work practice skills you developed.

· Describe potential areas where you might need improvement in relation to social work practice skills, ethics, or professionalism.

· Explain how your next field education experience might address those areas.

· Explain how participation in this course might inform your future field courses, what will you do the same, what will you do differently.

· Be sure to submit the results of your evaluation to this assignment

Explain the three possibilities that may cause people to feel confused or ambivalent about how they "fit" into a rank category (When we are trying to figure out whether we are "agents" or "targets" in a certain rank category).

Explain the three possibilities that may cause people to feel confused or ambivalent about how they “fit” into a rank category (When we are trying to figure out whether we are “agents” or “targets” in a certain rank category).

2 pgs-2-

see attached

Week 5: Student Response to Discussion 1 and 2

This assignment is must be completed Monday May 01, 2017 10PM PST. I have attached four files to enable you to complete it successfully.

CULTURAL CUISINE FINAL PROJECT – Only Experts Please – Required in 48 HOURS. A+ Work Required.


Cultural Cuisine Final Assignment – Cultural Foods. Please see the document immediately below for full instructions. There are 2 parts to this assignment: Part 1 is to create a new food dish of cultural, religious, or geographic significance to you and documenting that food item’s creation (This is the documentation and preparation part of the CULTURAL CUISINE ASSIGNMENT and it is worth 100 points) Part 2 is creating and uploading a standardized recipe (this is technically called “Assignment 8” in your syllabus/grading rubric). It consists of creating a standardized recipe (possible 25 max points) and then a nutrient analysis you calculate of that recipe (another possible 25 points max – for a total of 50 max points from this Assignment 8)

The cultural cuisine project is worth 100 points, or 1/3rd of your total grade. It is imperative that you follow the instructions in their entirety and submit a project of high quality in order to be considered for a strong grade.

Please see instructions and links below for more information.

Assignment instructions in full – CulturalCuisineProject_SDSU.pdf

Standardized Recipe TEMPLATE in a Word doc (.doc) – StandardizedRecipeTemplate.doc


HCS 412 Health Promotion WK3-A

  Logic Models

For this assignment, you will create a logic model for a  health-related program. You may create a fictitious program “from  scratch” for your model or you can base it on a pre-existing program. If  you select a pre-existing program, you are encouraged to consider  choosing a program or initiative that you are familiar with or involved  in (e.g. a program at your workplace, a community volunteer organization  initiative, a program at your child’s school, etc.) Your logic model  must be unique, created by you specifically for this assignment, and may  not be based on an already-existing logic model for a program. Note  that there is no one “correct” format for a logic model. The readings  provide various templates and examples of what a logic model can look  like. Consider using the exercises in the W.K. Kellogg Foundation Logic Model Development Guide (Links to an external site.)  (2006) to inform your own process. Your logic model must contain at  least the three basic components of logic models (inputs, outputs, and  outcomes; as described in Figure 12.1 in the textbook), but should also  incorporate as many additional components as necessary to fully describe  the logic of your program. You may choose to do this assignment as a written paper or as a screencast presentation.

 In a four to five double-spaced paper or an approximately eight minute  presentation (one page/slide of which must be the actual logic model  diagram): Describe the health-related program for which you are creating the logic model Create a logic model for your selected health-related program Specify which program components are included in each section of the model Outline the forward logic (moving forward from the activities) and  reverse logic (moving backwards from the effects) of your model (see  CHD, 2014 from our readings for more details on this) Justify the logic and order of each component included in the model

Assignment 04: T06 Cyber Security

T06 Cyber Security

Directions:  Be sure to make an electronic copy of your answer before submitting it to Ashworth College for grading.  Unless otherwise stated, answer in complete sentences, and be sure to use correct English spelling and grammar.  Sources must be cited in APA format.  Your response should be three (3) pages in length; refer to the “Assignment Format” page for specific format requirements.


Terrorist groups are categorized by their motivation.


Part A        Which type of terrorists are considered the most dangerous and why?



Part B        Name three terrorist groups and explain their objectives and ideologies. Identify the groups you choose as either domestic or international terrorists. Include in your answer two religious terrorist groups and one other type of terrorist group.

Case Scenario 2 Jewell Company (answer attached)

Case Scenario 2:  Jewell Company. Jewell Company (JC) is a $2 billion diversified manufacturer and marketer of simple household items, cookware, and hardware.  In the early 1950s, JC’s business consisted solely of manufactured curtain rods that were sold through hardware stores and retailers like Sears.  Since the 1960s however, the company has diversified extensively through acquisition into such businesses as paintbrushes, writing pens, pots and pans, and hairbrushes.  Over 90 percent of its growth can be attributed to these many small acquisitions, whose performance it improved tremendously through aggressive restructuring and its corporate emphasis on cost-cutting and cost controls.  While JC’s sixteen different lines of business may appear quite different, they all share the common characteristics of being staple manufactured items and sold primarily through volume retail channels like Wal-Mart, Target, and Kmart. Because JC operates each line of business autonomously (separate manufacturing, R&D, and selling responsibilities for each line), it is perhaps best described as pursuing a related linked diversification strategy.  The common linkages are both internal (accounting systems, product merchandising skills, and acquisition competency) and external (distribution channel of volume retailers).  JC is presently contemplating the acquisition of Plastico, a $3 billion U.S.-based manufacturer of flexible plastic products like trash cans, reheatable and freezable food containers, and a broad range of other plastic storage containers designed for home and office use.  While Plastico has been highly innovative (over 80% of its growth has come from internal new product development), it has had difficulty controlling costs and is losing ground against powerful customers like Wal-Mart. JC believes that the market power it wields with retailers like Wal-Mart will help it turn Plastico’s prospects around.


Questions 4-6 pertain to Case Scenario 2: Jewell Company


4.         (Refer to Case Scenario 2) How might JC’s related diversification strategy result in economies of scope and market power?



5.         (Refer to Case Scenario 2) Why would the acquisition of Plastico be good for JC?


6.         (Refer to Case Scenario 2) What difficulties might you expect JC to encounter related to its acquisition of Plastico?