HA599 Unit 9 Discussion


Oral Presentation and Defense

In this Discussion, you will present your capstone research, findings, and recommendations in a format of your choosing (e.g., audio, video, YouTube, vocaroo, PowerPoint presentation, infographic, screencast-o-matic, PowToons, Clyp, etc.).

Your capstone presentation must include the following: general and specific problems you aimed to address purpose of your research general background of the problem(s) findings yielded from your extensive literature review any unexpected findings? recommendations which may address the problem(s) final thoughts

Work needs to illustrate the equivalent of an oral defense of your capstone research. If you are using audio or video, be sure to speak slowly and clearly, enunciating your words, and addressing all required talking points. Do not read a script!

After others have reviewed your posting, commented, and asked questions about your research, you will reply and defend your findings using scholarly-based evidence. Likewise, when you review the work of others, be sure to ask thought-provoking questions that may further the conversation.

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The prompt is attached. The paper must be well written and follow the prompt.Here are the following requirements: 

 MLA Format

Topic: Mongolia (country)
8 Pages
Follow MLA Format on Google Slides
Cite academic+reliable sources only
No wikipedia
No copy and pasting  (NO PLAGIARISM DETECTED)
In text (MLA) citations
Double-spaced, 12 new roman font

Due in 3 and a half hrs. Not acceptable if late


4 PAGES, APA, 1 SOURCE. This is an anthropology paper. I need a very high quality paper, otherwise I will not accept it.

For APA referencing, check https://owl.english.purdue.edu/media/pdf/20090212013008_560.pdf



You are Fatima, a middle-aged, middle-class woman in El Nahra, Iraq in 1954. You have met an American woman for the first time in your life, and have come to know her pretty well. But you just cannot understand how she can be happy living according to the American customs she has described to you. Construct Fatima’s argument for why the customs of Iraq, especially as they relate to gender roles and gender relationships, are vastly superior to those of the United States.
2.Although veiling and the seclusion of women are presently associated in Westerm minds with Islam, these phenomena were present in the Middle East centuries (probably millennia) before Islam gave them new meaning. Explain some of the NONRELIGIOUS reasons that veiling and seclusion of women could develop in the area. Why did veiling and seclusion NOT develop among the (precontact) Kung? NOTE: climate is not an issue (it gets to be l20 degrees in El Nahra in the summer); property and subsistence are.
3.Explain the Brahmin problem in general terms. How does the Brahmin problem operate in El Nahra? Why is it particularly severe during the time described in Guests of the Sheik? There are at least two reasons.

As the next exam appears on the horizon, I thought I would contribute a little more insight into how to write an essay exam. Although most people in both classes dis very well, some did not. From reading the exams with problems, I am not certain whether their authors just blew off the exam, or whether they simply had no experience with take-home exams.

The point of a take-home exam is twofold. First, it reduces freakout caused by time pressure. Second, it allows students to consider more interesting and significant questions and their implications, and to produce more complicated and complex responses. Thus, students are far more likely to understand the material than they would if they simply had to fill in bubbles on a multiple choice exam. I loathe multiple choice exams, and I never give them. But many people do, primarily because they are much easier and faster to grade, so many students get used to them.

The goals of take-home exams are completeness and complexity, NOT brevity. I want detail. I want students to explain and explore ways in which phenomena are related. I want them to explore alternate interpretations of events, institutions, and behaviors. From time to time a student will tell me that s/he doesn’t have time to write an essay exam. And more frequently I hear from a student that s/he “doesn’t learn that way,” or simply that s/he is not “used to” essay exams. If someone does not have time to write essays, that person should not be enrolled in university classes. I think the popularization of “alternate ways of learning” has done a terrible disservice to students. While there is certainly legitimacy to the position that different styles of learning exist, that does not provide a free pass to people who want a university education in the contemporary United States. When it comes to writing, everyone can learn to write reasonably well, and that’s enough for any class I teach.

So for the next exam, make sure you answer each part of each question carefully and completely, with plenty of concrete, specific detail to illustrate and support the points you make. After you’ve written an answer, go back to the question and reread it. Then reread your answer and make sure you haven’t left any part unanswered. The goal is completeness, not thrift, though there ought to be a high proportion of content to words. Don’t restate the questions, but do number them. And make sure you cite your sources.

By the way: the “Brahmin problem” refers to the problem of toop many unmarried high status women. It was first described by British ciuviul servants in India, where they noticed that although the highest caste men could marry slightl;y lower status women, the highest caste women could not marry below their own subcaste. Since some of the men of their own subcaste had married slightly lowwr subcaste women, that left a number of high caste (Brahmin) women unmarried. People in El Nahra are not HIndu, obviously, but the same basic problem exists there.

And one more thing: When you answer the question that begins “You are Fatima….” it does not refer to the character in Guests of the Sheiok who is named Fatima. The name was just chosen because it is a very common Iraqui women’s name.

Medical Social Work in Chronic Illness Care and Management


Advances in medical technology have altered the trajectory of illness in our society. Many illnesses that were once considered acute or terminal are now considered chronic. The trajectory of advanced chronic illness, thus, has shifted from a brief period of time to longer periods with impaired quality of life. Patients and/or families living with chronic illnesses are often forced to adjust their aspirations and lifestyle. They also are vulnerable to protracted distress and developing psychiatric illness.

Optimal care and management of chronic illness is significant because it is likely to minimize distress, prevent psychiatric illness, and improve health outcomes and quality of life (Wagner, 2000). A professional team including a medical social worker can deliver optimal care for chronic illness (Wagner, 2013). 

To prepare for this Discussion:

Review this week’s resources. Consider a chronic illness that is of interest to you. Think about how the following medical social work practice skills might apply to the illness you chose:

· Assessment

· Crisis intervention

· Case management

· Education and counseling

· Advocacy

· Team collaboration

· Community-level intervention


Post a brief description of the illness you selected and the psychosocial effects of the illness on patients and families. Analyze the issues and concerns surrounding the care and management of the illness. Choose three medical social work practice skills, and explain how a medical social worker might implement them to improve the care and management of the illness. Explain challenges that might arise for families or caregivers caring for a patient with your chosen illness. Explain how you as a medical social worker might address the struggles or challenges experienced by families or caregivers. 

Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the resources and the current literature using appropriate APA format and style.

Military SW- Supporting Active Duty Military Personnel, Veterans, Their Families, and Noncombatants


Resiliency is a major factor in managing the stressors associated with military life, which can include dealing with traumatic reactions and crisis. For this Discussion, select a veteran from the media (VIDEO ATTACHED). Consider ways in which you could help build or enhance resiliency for the veteran and his or her family.

Post two ways you could build or support resilience in the veteran you selected. Explain one way you might build or support resilience for his or her family members.

Be sure to support your post with specific references to the resources. If you are using additional articles, be sure to provide full APA-formatted citations for your references.

Mass Communication Theories

The purpose of this assignment is two-fold: To examine different theories of mass communication To analyse media (news articles, advertisements, new media) using mass communication theories.

A theoretical foundation of mass communication is essential for media literacy. There have been many theories proposed by scholars that attempt to explain the relationship between media and its audience. This assignment aims to broaden your understanding of the theoretical approach to understanding media.

To complete this assignment: Carefully review the theories described here. (Links to an external site.)


Read Chapters 9 and 11 of your textbook, paying close attention to theories of media consumption.

The Assignment

Write a 500-600 word essay describing the media theory of your choice AND use this theory to analyze a piece of media. You can choose any theory from the list provided in the hyperlink above. You will need to do additional research on your theory. Provide at least two additional references that support your essay. These references must be from academic sources (FIU library, academic websites, journals). Please use APA citation for your references.

In your essay you should aim to complete the following: Describe the theory you have selected for this assignment:  Who created it?
When was it created/proposed? Has it been improved/changed over time? Has it been discredited? Are there theories that contradict/compliment it? Analyze any media of your choice using the theory you have selected: Your media can be one of the following:
a newspaper article
an advertisement
a  social media post
a magazine article. You will need to critically analyze the piece – break it down using the theory of your choice and show the relationship between the media and its intended impact on its audience. How is theory demonstrated in the piece? Is it informative? Is it persuasive? Is there a subliminal message? Provide a link to the piece of media, such as: Hyperlink PDF Document Provide a reference page including: Provide at least two additional references that support your essay. These references must be from academic sources (FIU library, academic websites, journals). Please use APA citation for your references.

Public Health


Writing a Public Health Grant/Contract Application in Response to an FOA This assignment provides you the opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge you have gained in your MPH program studies. You will now set your sights on the actual grant or contract application process.

The FOA associated with this public health intervention will be used as the basis for your grant or contract application. Conduct research, analyze the subject matter, and synthesize your findings to include the following steps in your grant application: Read and analyze all instructions for your chosen grant or contract FOA very precisely to understand the requirements of the application. Using your new knowledge, compile all FOA requirements to be used as references in preparation for your research paper. Develop a 15-20 page research paper, completing the following elements: Identify the name of FOA and organization soliciting bids Produce a needs assessment Define your problem statement Identify your chosen methodology to address the identified needs Describe your proposed evaluation plan Outline a budget proposal and justifications Identify partners to be engaged Provide a conclusion

Write a 15–20-page, double-spaced paper in Word format. Apply APA standards to citation of sources. Your goal is to fully inform your audience about your chosen public health intervention and chosen FOA.

Utilize at least 7–10 scholarly sources in your research and be sure to include a references page. Write in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrate ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources; and display accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.



The adolescent stage can be described as a time where there is a loss of innocence and a preentry into adulthood. A large part of being an adolescent is beginning that process of stepping out into the world and learning about oneself as a unique and autonomous individual. This movement out into the world is contingent upon the knowledge that this young person will have a safe and secure home to return to at the end of the day. If a traumatic loss or event has occurred in the adolescent’s life, there may be no safe base to which this individual can return. Attachment theory teaches us that a young person’s ability to attach/engage with peers, family, and other potential support systems is an important aspect of the developmental process. During the adolescent stage of development, assessing attachment styles is important because it provides a window into how the adolescent relates to others, which allows the clinician to choose the appropriate intervention.

For this Discussion, choose either the program case study for the Bradley family or the course-specific case study for Brady.

Post an application of the attachment theory to the case of either Tiffani or Brady. Discuss the connection between his or her attachment style and the exhibiting behavior.



3-3-1 Journal

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