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1.  (50 pts). In paragraph form (no bullets), write a 250-300 word essay: 

Based on the lectures and notes, what about Jesus’s life, ministry, and/or teaching most impresses and/or inspires you? Use specific examples from his life as discussed in class.      

a. Use onlyyour words. You can write more, but 250-300 words are enough.

2.  (50 pts). In paragraph form (no bullets), write a 250-300 word essay explaining the class lecture: “7 Reasons We Know Jesus Rose From the Dead.” (This essay may require more words than the first one). 

Include the idea of “best explanation” (briefly discussed below). Focus on “Reasons 1-5.”  

a.  **You are notrequired to “agree” with the case to do well, only to articulate the strongest version of the argument based on the class lecture. 

b. Use your words. Don’t just copy and paste the points. Explain them. 

c.  *Be sure to explain the idea of the “best explanation” of the strongest attested historical data or “inference to best explanation”—how whatever claim someone makes about what happened in history, the strongest historically attested data needs to be explained.  

 i.  The core points are a little different than our discussion, but these may be useful:



two essay, each one 300 words. 


I have two part psychology media project.


DUE Monday at 5pm EST   Power point project


DUE tuesday at NOON media project

PSY 250 Psychoanalytic Personality Assessment


Write a 1,250- to 1,500-word paper analyzing the components of the psychoanalytic approach to personality. Your paper should address the following areas:


  Compare and contrast the psychoanalytic theories of Freud, Jung, · and Adler. What are two characteristics of these theories with which you agree? What are two characteristics with which you disagree?


  Describe the stages of Freud’s theory and explain characteristics of personality using these components. ·


  Describe uses of at least three Freudian defense mechanisms with real-life examples. ·


Include at least two references in addition to your textbook.

Format your paper consistent with APA Style guidelines.


Can you complete this for me? -homework assignment due February 7, 2016

Comparative Essay

This is a comparative essay must be 1000 word, and in apa format, the instructions are in attachment.

classical conditioning experiment


Design your own classical conditioning experiment. Be sure to identify all of the following; unconditioned stimulus (UCS), unconditioned response (UCR), conditioned stimulus (CS), and conditioned response (CR). Please refer to the module and chapter on learning and describe to me your proposed study. Remember the length requirement for writing assignments. word count 250 words.

an explanation of how you might use an eclectic approach to intervene in the disaster, crisis, or trauma you described in Discussion 1. In your explanation, be sure to provide specific examples of how your selected intervention models might impact the way

3 paragraphs wqith reference


There are a number of crisis intervention theories and models. The goals of crisis intervention theories and models might include restoring survivors’ pre-crisis equilibrium, reframing survivors’ views and beliefs about disasters, crises, or traumas, or helping survivors choose effective behaviors and attitudes to cope with their situations. The developmental stages of individuals impacted by such events, and the interrelationships between such individuals and their environments, are important considerations when developing an effective crisis intervention approach.

In this Discussion, you will apply an eclectic approach to crisis intervention, using three different crisis intervention models.

To prepare for this Discussion:Consider how an eclectic approach to crisis intervention might be used to respond to disasters, crises, and traumas.Reflect on the crisis, disaster, or trauma you described in Discussion 1 this week.Identify three crisis intervention models you might use to respond to the disaster, crisis, or trauma.Think about how each model might inform strategies and/or techniques you employ to respond to survivors of the disaster, crisis, or trauma.

The early school psychology that emphasizes studying the purpose of behavior and mental process was

The early school psychology that emphasizes studying the purpose of behavior and mental process was

Opinion 5.1

Opinion 5.1 

[ED301 Classroom management] Week 7 Assignment

Using the tips in Chapter 10 — list your rules, procedures, hand signals, classroom organization plans, housekeeping routines, physical appearance, and some ready logical consequences for typical behaviors.