Article Critique

 For each article critique, you will select 2 peer-reviewed articles no older than 5 years. Using concepts presented in the weekly reading and study, you will write a paper critique that is at least 4 pages but no more than 7 pages of these articles in current APA format. For specific grading criteria, see “Article Critiques Grading Rubric.”  The rubric can be located under Course Content-> Course Guides and Assignment Instructions.   Locate 2 peer-reviewed articles no older than 5 years that discuss 2 historical Supreme Court cases and review the presentation titled: “Courts (Part 1)” found in the Module/Week 4 Reading & Study folder. This historical case-law can be related to: search and seizure, stop and frisk, searches for evidence, or police interrogation and confessions. Provide an in-depth discussion of the findings of each article. With respect to the specific case law you have analyzed, defend constitutional democracy and the issues raised in case-law from a Christian worldview. 

Assignment 1: Applications of the Scientific Method

The scientific method is useful in problem solving and decision-making in a wide variety of fields. In this assignment, you will demonstrate how to use the scientific method to make decisions and solve problems in your field of study or everyday life.

Identify a specific problem often faced in your field of study or everyday life. Research your problem and assess your data / research. Examples of such problems could be: Business Developing a new product that is superior to competitor’s brands; or Establishing a price for a new product using the law of supply and demand; Information Systems and Technology The use of personal electronic devices for work purpose, or Determining in the most cost-effective computer for your business; Criminal Justice The reliability of eyewitness testimony, or Determining what evidence reveals to you about a crime; Everyday Life Selecting a particular brand of detergent, or Determining the most cost-efficient transportation / route for your commute.

Write a 1-3 page paper in which you: Explain the scientific method and describe the overall manner in which you would apply it in your field of study or everyday life. Propose one (1) testable hypothesis to explain / solve the problem you have selected. State the expected outcomes of your actions and include criteria for determining whether or not these actions would succeed. Note: Your hypothesis should be stated very precisely. Describe the main actions that you intend to put into place to test the hypothesis that you proposed in Question 2. Describe the way in which you would evaluate the success of your program. Include the results that you would deem as a success and the results that would be considered a failure. Discuss the wisdom behind the strategy you would use to test the hypothesis from Question 3, and describe the additional steps you might take, depending on the results of your test. Note: These additional steps might be to revise your original hypothesis (if the results were unsatisfactory) or to propose new hypotheses. The goal is to continuously improve your understanding of the factors influencing your outcomes, to be able to achieve greater results over time.  Use at least two (2) quality resources / references in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and personal blogs do not qualify as quality resources.

Discussion 7

Although infectious disease control and emergency preparedness remain vital to the public’s health, noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) and injuries are now the leading causes of disability and premature death.

Cancer and diabetes are NCDs that are responsible for more than 50% of deaths worldwide, making them the leading cause of mortality in the world. As the global health community works to find solutions to these illnesses, it is important to recognize that these diseases can come in a variety of forms and often those affected are plagued by stigmatization or simple lack of awareness. This leads to low rates of treatment and high rates of preventable complications, including death.

Research an NCD of your choice and describe its impact on Jacksonville Florida 


Public health response is crucial in the event of an infectious disease outbreak to reduce the number of people infected and to reduce the spread of disease. In outbreaks of a large magnitude, miscommunication between local, state, and federal agencies can delay the response and the effectiveness of the treatment.

Review the case study in the chapter “The Massive Waterborne Outbreak ofCryptosporidium Infections, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1993” in your textbook.

Write a 3–4-page report in Microsoft Word format to include the following:Describe, in brief, the health issue in the case study as well as the response methods to the health issue in chronological order.Evaluate the case study for appropriateness of response by both local and state officials.Rate the readiness and proficiency of the city health officials in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Suggest more effective response methods for the public health response in this case study.

Support your statements with appropriate examples and scholarly references.

Multigenerational Workforce

A description of a scholarly article you identified within the last 5 years on the multigenerational workforce in the government or nonprofit sector. (The article must not be one of the Learning Resource articles). Include the APA citation of the article with your description. Next, synthesize this article with at least one of the readings included in your Learning Resources. Reflect on your experience of working within a multigenerational workforce. 

  Support your postings with specific reference to all resources used in its preparation. Use correct APA formatting for all resources. 


 Chaudhuri, S., & Ghosh, R. (2012). Reverse mentoring: A social exchange tool for keeping the Boomers engaged and Millennials committed. Human Resource Development Review, 11(1), 55–76.
Note: Retrieved from Walden Library databases. Meister, J. C., & Willyerd, K. (2010, May). Mentoring Millennials: Delivering the feedback Gen Y craves is easier than you think. Harvard Business Review, 88(5), 68–72.
Note: Retrieved from Walden Library databases. Slagter, F. (2007). Knowledge management among the older workforce. Journal of Knowledge Management, 11(4), 82–96.
Note: Retrieved from Walden Library databases.

Discussion Two


A three-month-old baby boy comes into your clinic with the main complaint that he frequently vomits after eating. He often has a swollen upper belly after feeding and acts fussy all the time. According to his parents, the vomiting has become more frequent this past week and he is beginning to lose weight. After careful history taking, a thorough physical exam and diagnostic work-up, the patient is diagnosed with pyloric stenosis.

1. What is the etiology of pyloric stenosis?

2. Describe in detail the pathophysiological process of pyloric stenosis.

3. Identify hallmark signs identified from the physical exam and presenting symptoms. What diagnostic tests would help to confirm the diagnosis of pyloric stenosis?

4. Describe the pathophysiology of complications of pyloric stenosis.

5. What teaching would you provide this patient/parents regarding pyloric stenosis?

In addition to the textbook (McCance, K. L., Huether, S. E., Brashers, V. L., & Rote, N. S. (2013). Pathophysiology: The biologic basis for disease in adults and children (7th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Mosby)utilize at least one peer-reviewed, evidence based resource to develop your post.

Communication paper

Click on Course Reserves on LEARN/left menu to view the videostreamed movie. Note:  Just use your Chrome or another browser to open, but NOT Firefox)

*Synopsis ( – “Where to Invade Next”

Documentarian Michael Moore heads overseas to investigate the quality of life in a variety

of European nations and examines different approaches to issues such as prison systems,

health-care infrastructure, and education that could be adopted by the United States.

Note:  The videostream is available under Course Reserves on LEARN. Your assignment

will be to view the movie (it’s about two hours long, so you can watch it as you find time,

but it’s well worth viewing). Then, write two FULL pages (double-spaced) about what you

learned about international business customs and more.

             (Remember to use Chrome to access this movie, not Firefox.)

Informative Intercultural Paper

The following are the guidlines and topic:


 – it has to disucss the problems and solutions for the topic which is:  “America Should Adopt UK’s Healthcare System to Solve Our Current Healthcare Issues”

– APA format

– 3 Pages long

in HPRS- health care communications assignment


this is a writing assignment that is due today before 11:59 pm central time in healthcare class

instructions below:Assignment 3 (from Chapter 5) 1.  Assume a patient asked you for information about the benefits of yoga vs tai chi. Search the internet and find a couple sites that have information on yoga and tai chi. Create a list of the benefits of each type of exercise and what you would tell the patient.

2. Stress can lead to many health problems.  Find a couple sites that have information about managing stress. (example: Mayo clinic)  

3. Create a list of techniques you might suggest to a patient and why. 


Over 250 words. Complete sentences and paragraphs. Watch your spelling.  

Week 5

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